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1、Steel material library manager

Job Type: Logistics / Warehousing
1. Responsible for the storage of raw materials such as steel, and relevant work experience is preferred.
2. Use ERP operation, warehouse management registration.

1. One year of warehouse management related work experience;
2. College, skilled operation of office software systems;

  Benefits: five insurance and one gold, employee lunch, staff quarters

2, punching machine, cold bending mill debugging

 Job Responsibilities
1. Mechanical processing, car, milling, drilling;
2. Understand the safety and health requirements for the operation of various types of machine tools and mechanical processing, and strictly abide by relevant regulations at work;
3. The assigned work must be performed during normal and overtime work as directed by the supervisor;
4. Assist or provide information to prepare a job report;
5. Participate in the research, testing, evaluation and operation of new machine tool technology or instruments.   Qualifications
1. Can understand the relevant drawings of mechanical processing and construct according to the drawings;
2, can operate manual or CNC lathes, grinding machines, drilling machines, milling machines and other mechanical processing equipment. Male or female, ages 18-45, can work hard and be healthy. Those who are not interested in this skill are welcome to study in the company.   Welfare: The company provides five insurance benefits for each employee, including pension, work injury, maternity, unemployment and medical care. There is a shuttle bus within the city to provide free accommodation.
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