Cantilever shelf

Cantilevered shelf

The cantilevered shelf has a combined structure and is suitable for storing long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods。 According to the bearing capacity, it can be divided into light, medium and heavy; according to the structure, it can be single-sided or double-sided。 The cantilevered shelf has the characteristics of stable structure, good load capacity and high space utilization。 The cantilevered shelf column is mostly made of H-shaped steel or cold-rolled steel。 The cantilever adopts square tube, cold-rolled steel or H-shaped steel。 The cantilever and the column are connected by bolt or bolt。 The base and the column are bolted。 The base is cold。 Rolled steel or H-beam。 Cargo access is carried out by forklift, driving or manual。 The shelf height is usually within 2。5 meters (up to 6 meters if accessed by a forklift), the cantilever length is within 1。5 meters, and the load per arm is usually within 1000KG。 Such shelves are mostly used in the machinery manufacturing industry and building materials supermarkets。 After adding the shelf, it is especially suitable for warehouses with small space and low height。 It is easy to manage and has a wide field of view。 Compared with ordinary shelf-type shelves, the utilization rate is higher。 According to the bearing capacity, it can be divided into lightweight, medium-sized and weight。 Three types。

◇ Only suitable for long or long rolls of goods.

◇ Space utilization is low, about 35% ~ 50%.

◇ Suitable for building materials production plants, furniture manufacturers or supermarkets.

Double cantilever schematic


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