Heavy beam shelf

Heavy beam (storage) shelf

Beam-type shelves, also known as pick-up shelves, cargo-type shelves, and tray-type shelves, are the most widely used pallet-type goods storage shelves, and are also highly versatile. The beam type shelf is divided into several rows along the width direction of the warehouse. There is a roadway for stacking cranes, forklifts or other handling machinery. Each row of shelves is divided into several columns along the longitudinal direction of the warehouse, and is divided into several in the vertical direction. Layers, thus forming a large number of cargo spaces, and storing goods in pallets. Shelf beam load capacity can be up to 4500KG per floor. Most of these shelves are accessed by forward-operated battery forklifts, counterbalanced battery forklifts, and three-way forklifts. When the shelf height is low, electric stackers can be used, and ultra-high warehouses can be used for stacking operations.

The beam-type shelf space has high utilization rate, flexible access, simple equipment, low cost, quick installation and disassembly, supplemented by computer management or control, and can basically meet the requirements of modern logistics systems. It is widely used in manufacturing and third parties. In the fields of logistics and distribution centers, it is suitable for a wide variety of small-volume items as well as for a wide variety of large-volume items. Such shelves are most commonly used in high-bay warehouses and ultra-high-end warehouses (most of the shelves in automated warehouses use such shelves). Narrow roadway shelves need to be equipped with dedicated narrow roadway forklifts.

◇ Use profiled column to improve load carrying capacity

◇ The beam can be adjusted up and down in 75mm, flexible

 Assembly frame structure with safety accessories, easy assembly and disassembly, and easy maintenance and replacement of parts

◇ The surface is usually electrostatically sprayed with epoxy resin and has high corrosion resistance.

Parts such as shelving, rear gear, laminate, foot protection, guardrail, back net, etc。 can be equipped according to the requirements of use。

Spare parts



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