Heavy duty electric mobile shelves

Heavy duty electric mobile shelves

Electric mobile shelves are divided into rail and trackless specifications

Advantages of trackless electric mobile shelves:

☆ No ground construction is required, and there are no protrusions on the ground to facilitate the passage of forklifts;

☆Do not destroy the existing ground, the construction is simple, and the mobile facilities are easy;

☆ No need for track construction, the delivery trial period is short; the track type can be shortened by 10-15 days;

☆Maintenance and maintenance; polyurethane wheel maintenance is more convenient;

☆ It is more reliable without the direct drive of the chain.

Advantages of rail-mounted electric mobile shelves:

☆The carrying capacity is larger, each column can reach 30 meters in length;

☆The height is higher than the trackless type;

☆High reliability and easy operation;

☆ Lower price than trackless, saving investment costs。

Advantages of electric mobile shelves

☆Save channels and expand space; higher storage efficiency, less channels, no need to find channels for storage;

☆Simple structure, low failure rate; simple operation, safe and reliable power failure can also be moved in an emergency;

☆ The price is lower than that of the old rules, suitable for cold storage, explosion-proof and occasions requiring high warehouse utilization.

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