Bus-mesh shuttle shelf

The shuttle storage system injects a new concept into the operation of pallet shipments and space storage. This new storage system is more powerful and flexible in its ability to utilize space more fully and flexibly than traditional storage methods. The warehouse solution consists of a trolley pallet rack with a number of racks and a system for palletizing, transporting and storing pallets. Space utilization is over 80%!

Shuttle shelf features:

• Shuttle storage system: dense, efficient,

• Secure warehouse solution, warehouse

• Effective use and management of library space。

• Composition: shuttle shelf; shuttle

• Operation: The remote control gives instructions and shuttles

• The car carries pallet cargo moving back and forth on the track。

• High space utilization: 2 times higher than normal beam shelves and 20% higher than drive-in shelves

• Fast access speed: 2~3 times more efficient access to forklifts

• High safety: increased beam and high density of connections between locations

Shuttle shelf

Alphabet shuttle

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