Loft-style shelf

Loft-style shelf

The loft-style shelves are supported by floor shelves and can be designed in multiple layers. Access to the goods by stairs or hydraulic lifting platforms. Attic-style shelves are suitable for high warehouses, light goods, manual access, and large storage capacity, which can improve the space utilization of warehouses. Loft-style shelves have many applications in the automotive parts sector, automotive 4S stores, light industry, electronics and other industries.

The loft-style shelf may be in the form of a shelf on the lower layer, a platform form on the upper layer, or a shelf structure on the upper and lower layers。 The bottom shelf is not only a place to store materials, but also a support for the load-bearing beams of the superstructure。 It can be designed as a multi-storey floor (usually 2-3 floors) with stairs, handrails, hoists and lighting systems。 If the span of the bottom load-bearing beam is reduced, the construction cost can be greatly reduced。

Attic-style shelves usually use shelf-type shelves or beam-type shelves as the main body and the support of the floor panels。 The floor panels are usually made of cold-rolled steel slabs, patterned steel slabs or steel gratings。

◇Make full use of the height of the warehouse and increase the space utilization rate.

◇The upper floor is generally placed with lighter cargo for manual picking。

◇Goods transported to the upper level can be loaded directly using a hydraulic lifting platform or using a forklift.

◇The floor can be designed to carry 300-1000kg/㎡ load according to the actual application.

◇Lighting system auxiliary lighting can be designed.


Attic rendering

Secondary heavy attic shelf

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