Metal box

The material box, also known as the steel material box or the metal material box, is developed on the basis of the metal flat steel tray, which is used to solve the disadvantage that the steel tray cannot hold the loose parts or the bulk materials。 Generally, the lower part is like a steel pallet, which is convenient for forklifts。 The upper part can be hoisted or stacked。 When storing goods, it can stack up to four layers, which can realize three-dimensional storage。 According to the structure, it can be generally divided into fixed type, folded type, and can be divided into box type and net type according to the plate。

Welded metal cage

◇ Angle steel welded structure greatly improves structural strength compared with general storage cages, and multilayer stacking is safer and has a longer service life;

◇ Can use pallet trucks, forklift lifts, crane handling, stacking four layers high to achieve three-dimensional storage;

 With the handling equipment, it can be used in logistics links such as transportation, handling, loading and unloading, storage and storage;

 Smart door opening design, easy to access when stacking;

 Special stacking feet, forklift operation is more convenient;

 Foldable form can be selected to reduce storage space; standard color is blue;

Folding metal cage

 Unique structural design, it can be opened and folded very conveniently with only one hand. The sleek half-opening door design can also conveniently access the goods when stacking, integrating the functions of the tray and the shelf and the turnover box;

 The welded structure is stronger;

◇ Suitable for transportation, storage and plant turnover between factories, saving space when empty;

 Dedicated stacking feet, the structure is more stable, and the sleek foot design does not damage the ground;

◇ Configurable product identification label card;

◇ The surface is electrostatically sprayed and the standard color is blue;

Welded metal box

◇ All steel structure, bearing up to 1500KG;

◇ It can be hoisted and forklifted, welded structure, durable and equipped with pallet platform truck, which can realize manual movement and high efficiency traction transportation;

◇ Surface electrostatic powder spray

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