Stacking truss

Stacking truss

Stacking trusses and compact racks are also called mobile racks。 It can make full use of the limited space, and it is not suitable for the fixed shelf, and fully utilizes the dual functions of the shelves and boxes it owns。


◇ Realize multiple stacking of goods and make full use of space;

◇ Placed on demand, ready to move;

◇ Can be inserted into each other to save space;

◇ Special triangular orbital design for even distribution of load;

◇ The larger the load, the more stable and the anti-swaying effect is excellent;

◇ Fixed welding type, durable;

◇ The goods are stored directly without the need for additional pallets to facilitate forklift handling;

◇ Various forms and various accessories are available to meet a variety of practical needs;

◇ Stacking heavy objects in high places and storing them in multiple layers;

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