Isolation network and mesh

Isolation network and mesh

The isolation network is also known as the Xinxin network. The isolation network mainly has regional division and boundary isolation. Separation nets are classified according to usage, and are divided into: workshop isolation network, warehouse isolation network, community isolation network, airport isolation network, garden isolation network, port isolation network, highway isolation network, barbed wire isolation network, development zone isolation network, market. Isolation network, factory isolation network, wrought iron isolation network, shelf back network, shelf side network, shelf layer network, etc.

Product advantages:

◇ Good protection performance, small footprint, increased effective space, strong light transmission performance and low requirements for auxiliary facilities。

◇ It has the characteristics of light weight, novel shape, beautiful appearance and durability.

◇ High-efficiency dip-coating for ten years of rust prevention.

◇ Bridges suitable for highways can also be used as anti-throwing nets.

◇ It is easy to disassemble and reassemble, and it has good reusability. It can be re-arranged according to the needs.

◇ It is an environmentally friendly product that can be recycled.

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