Logistics trolley

Logistics trolley

The logistics trolley, also called the loading trolley or the cage car, is a unit mobile container that transports and stores materials with four casters. It is often used for logistics distribution in large supermarkets or logistics turnover between factory operations.

The products stored in the logistics trolley are eye-catching, and in transportation: on the one hand, it protects the safety of materials. On the other hand, it does not cause messy products that have been sorted. Loading and unloading is very labor-saving; the wheels are usually designed as two directional wheels, and two universal wheels are convenient for manual implementation. The logistics trolley can carry a weight of 500kg.

Logistics trolley features

◇ two directional wheels, two with brake wheels;

Regular color spray white and green, other colors can be selected;

 Optional laminate;

Optional pairing to open the door;

◇ Special specifications can be customized;

◇ Sort and store goods, easy to manage;

Use with the tote to facilitate the delivery of goods;

◇ Foldable stacking to save space;

Made of high-quality steel, durable

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