Drawer shelf

Drawer shelf

Drawer shelves, also known as mold shelves, mainly store a variety of mold items, according to the layer capacity requirements are divided into light drawer shelves and heavy drawer shelves. The mobile hoist can be equipped at the top of the shelf to facilitate the lifting of the mold. Drawer shelf features:

1. Combined assembly, mainly consisting of column, guide groove, drawer layer, tie rod, positioning pin, etc.

Bolted, the structure is stable, safe and reliable, and is generally used in rows。

2. The drawer tray is mainly composed of a slide rail and a drawer tray. The drawer plate is composed of a frame and a steel plate welded by a rectangular tube and a bent part. Each slide rail is fixed up and down by two bearings, which can be rolled freely in the guide groove, and the resistance is small, and the drawer can be easily pulled out.

3. The drawer tray of the drawer shelf is designed for safety reasons, and the positioning pin and the limit pin are designed to ensure the safety of the drawer tray when it is taken out.

4, light drawer type shelf layer is carried at 200 ~ 800kg / layer。 Heavy duty drawer racks are carried at: 800 to 1500 kg/layer。

5。 The drawer type shelf has less land occupation, large layer, detailed classification and simple operation。

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