Push-in rack

Push-in rack

The push-back shelf is also called a press-in shelf, and is composed of a beam type shelf, a track, a trolley, and the like。 The trolley adopts a nested arrangement to run on the track with the set bevel angle。 The incoming goods will advance into the cargo first, and the outermost pallet will be taken when the goods are taken out。 When the outer cargo is taken out, the goods will automatically fall by gravity。 Achieve advanced back-end storage。

Compared with the driven-in shelves and the double-deep beam-type shelves, the push-back shelves have the advantage of convenient access to goods. The storage depth of the shelves is 2-4 trays, and the deepest can reach 5 trays.

One of the high-density storage shelves for small-volume bulk cargo storage。 According to the principle of “first in, first out”, the trays placed on the carrying trolleys and the inclined rails are pushed back to the inside of the shelves。 The effective depth is generally 4 pallets。 After the first pallet is taken out, the next pallet is self-sliding。 To the pick-up point, it is especially suitable for warehouses with expensive parts per unit area, such as cold storage。 The safety and operation efficiency is higher than that of the drive-in rack。 The efficiency of the forklift is lower than that of the drive-in type。 Port operation。

Push-back push-on shelf

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