Gravity shelf

Gravity shelf

The gravity type shelf is evolved from the tray type shelf. It adopts the drum type track or the bottom wheel type tray. The track has a certain slope (about 3°). The weight of the goods is used to realize the first in, first out of the goods, and the other side is out. For large-scale, first-in-first-out storage operations of similar goods, the space utilization rate is very high, especially suitable for goods with a certain warranty period and not suitable for long-term backlog. The total depth of the shelf (ie the length of the guide rail) should not be too large, otherwise the upper and lower "dead angles" that are not available will be larger, affecting the space utilization, and the slope is too long, the controllability of the decline will be poor, and the momentum of the decline is large. Caused a poor decline, blocking, dumping of pallet goods. In order to make the sliding smooth, if the ramp is long, a damping device should be added in the middle. In order to prevent the pallet cargo from sliding down to the bottom end, it will not be overturned due to excessive impact force. The buffer device should be provided at the lowest point of the ramp. The cargo separation device is therefore difficult to design, manufacture and install, and the cost is high. Such shelves should not be too high, generally within 6 meters, the weight of single pallets is generally less than 1000KG, otherwise its reliability and operability will be reduced.

Features of gravity shelves:

The roller line is tilted and fixed on the shelf beam at a certain angle。 The tray is placed from the high end and descends along the drum line by gravity。

◇The control tray slides at a steady speed to avoid impact, and a set of damping system is set at regular intervals on the drum line.

 The faster the tray slides, the greater the resistance generated by the damping system. The end separating mechanism is disposed at the lower end to separate the two adjacent trays at the lowest end, so that the lowest end tray can be taken out smoothly.

The space utilization rate of the ◇ gravity type shelf is higher than that of the push-type shelf and the through-type shelf, and the principle of “first in, first out” is realized, and the safety and operation efficiency are the same as the cargo-type shelves, and are widely used in various industries。

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