Medium A (medium shelf)

Medium A shelf shelf:

It is mainly composed of columns, beams, pallets and laminates. It is mainly suitable for manual access of lighter goods. The height of the shelves usually does not exceed 2 meters. If you use a climbing device, the shelf height can be up to 3 meters. The main and sub-frames can be connected indefinitely. The medium-sized shelf laminate does not require beam support and is directly inserted through the joist and the column. In addition to the unadjustable height of the top and bottom layers, the height of other layers can be flexibly adjusted by 50MM. The shelf requires only a small amount of screw connection, which is convenient and quick to fold.

◇ Suitable for manual access to goods

◇ carrying 150Kg-200Kg/layer

Adjust the layer height up and down with a pitch of 50mm

Equipped with back net, back plate, side net, side plate, etc。 according to the requirements of use

Medium A (medium shelf) schematic

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