Medium B (secondary heavy shelf)

Medium B shelf shelf: (galvanized laminate structure)

The secondary heavy shelf is mainly composed of pillars, beams and laminates。 Suitable for manual access to goods。 According to different sizes and bearing requirements, the columns, beams and laminates of different specifications/thickness are selected to meet the requirements and the scope of use is wide。 It is mainly suitable for manual access, and can also be used to increase the shelf height with auxiliary equipment such as climbing carts。

◇ Suitable for manual access to goods

◇ carrying 200Kg-800Kg/layer

◇Can adjust the height of the layer up and down with a pitch of 50mm

◇Frame-type combination structure, easy to assemble and disassemble, and easy to maintain and repair

Equipped with back net, back plate, side net, side plate, etc. according to the requirements of use


Medium B (secondary heavy shelf) schematic

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